Amplify Results teaches dynamic facilitation techniques and methodologies that boost collaboration and increase participation through a multi-day, PMI-accredited experiential workshop.

Next Course: March 2023

As a leader, do you find yourself in these situations?

  • You plan a meeting only to have your team leave frustrated, your objectives aren't met, or the conversation is unfocused
  • You try to collaborate, but your team is quiet, cameras are off and there is little participation
  • Your team is complaining of Zoom fatigue
  • You don't successfully manage conflict or navigate power dynamics

Then this course is for you!

Leading great meetings takes practice

And we can help.

Our multi-day, PMI-accredited course spans five weeks starting with a pre-summit 4-hour virtual session (March 10). Following this is a 2-day in-person workshop at The Kennedy School McMenamins (Portland, OR) March 23-24, 2023, where you practice your new techniques and skills face-to-face with other participants. This course ends with a final 4-hour virtual experience (April 10) giving you the chance to practice these new tools in a virtual environment. Earn 24 PDUs through this PMI-accredited course. Course also meets CVS applicants' facilitation training requirements.

Who is this class for?

Team leads, project managers, cat herders, and anyone who works with people, hosts a meeting, or leads a workshop

Amplify Results Facilitation Training is uniquely designed for people interested in elevating their skills.

 "No one comes up with a good idea when being chased by a tiger." 

-Anonymous board member of Tesla to Elon Musk as quoted by Wired in "Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk." Come learn and be prepared for the tiger.

  • Facilitation Fundamentals

    You'll learn science-based methodologies, how to move from low to high interaction, group development model, psychological safety, and double-loop learning

  • Tips and Tricks

    All registrants learn in-person vs. virtual considerations, how to set the stage for engagement, effective communication tips, and leave with a leadership toolkit and tech stack of virtual tools

  • Techniques Taught

    Psychological safety, Tuckman development model, Ladder of Inference, Liberating Structures

At the end of this course with Joey and Marne you will be able to:

  • Increase participation and collaboration from all team members

  • Feel confident in your abilities to lead a group

  • Navigate team and power dynamics to achieve results

  • Effectively apply the 7 types of meeting goals

  • Design a structured and engaging agenda to deliver successful outcomes

  • Embrace and manage conflict more effectively

  • Create a brave space that improves creativity and decision-making

Meet your Instructors

Marne Maykowskyj, MSOD, VMA

OD Consultant, Inspired Meeting Designer, Coach

Marne has 25+ years of experience designing and facilitating experiences from the built environment to building community. From one-on-one coaching to small team development to large-group statewide summits, she has successfully facilitated events that make a difference. Marne understands that richer results come from meticulous design and facilitation acumen that ensures all voices are heard. She works to ensure all participants remain deeply engaged in healthy and productive dialogue to achieve optimum results. Marne has a master of science in organization development and is an accredited practitioner of both the Integrative Enneagram assessment and the Fearless Organization psychological safety framework. Marne lives in Portland, Oregon, and truly lives what she does by looking for the beauty in all her interactions. She enjoys delicious conversations with friends, spending time with family, and learning everything she can.

Joey Nespoli, MSOD

OD Consultant & Tiger Trainer

Joey has 17 years of experience designing and facilitating on-target, impactful workshops and trainings for a wide range of audiences and industries. He employs a variety of techniques, multimedia design, and technical equipment to influence and enhance collaboration. Joey loves working with teams and organizations to identify opportunities for improvement–from team building to leadership development and change management. An active dad after hours, he enjoys all precious hours with his children, cooking, playing, and running around. They are his inspiration. Their sense of playfulness, curiosity, and unconditional love are the reasons why he does this work. It influences how he shows up for workshops and trainings.

Quick Overview & Pricing

Max 24 participants. 24 hours of training divided over 4 days. Sign up today! New expanded options if you can't make it for the in-person sessions.

Course Details:

  • 4-hour Pre-Summit (virtual March 10)
  • 2-day Summit (in-person at The Kennedy School, Portland, OR March 23-24)
  • 4-hour Post-Summit (virtual April 10)


“I wanted to reach out after the end of our training tonight and thank you both. This was my first professional training, and you two did an amazing job hosting an engaging and informative training series. Thank you both for the care you put into this class, and sharing all of your insight. I look forward to the next SAVE Summit and catching up. Please have a wonderful evening, and I cannot thank you both enough for helping enlighten me on my way to becoming a CVS.”

Colin Miller, VMA at RHA, LLC

“If you spend at least a few hours a month leading meetings or are a supervisor then I highly recommend this training. Joey and Marne are excellent facilitators to demonstrate how to do it well and excellent teachers to help you understand the why part as well.”

Renee Jackman, VMA at HDR, Inc.

“A refreshing approach on effective facilitation that provides valuable tools and resources to enhance the Value Methodology framework. Marne and Joey are a high performing team that lead/teach through examples and inquiries that challenge assumptions and acknowledge power dynamics. They not only empower facilitators with several techniques and process tools but also provide opportunities to practice the learned techniques in a supportive, educational, and professional atmosphere. All team leaders should take this training!”

Rachel Bernhard, PE, VMA at HDR, Inc.

“The Facilitation course is required to become a CVS and can be taken from anyone to obtain the necessary certificate. However, if you want to expand your knowledge of the subject and have stimulating communication with your peers, I highly recommend taking the course from VMS, Inc. By the end of the 24 hours, you’ll clearly understand how to facilitate a multidisciplinary team, and any bias you have about facilitation will be changed for the better. ”

Leah Vigoren, VMA and Sr. PM/Construction PM at WSP

“VMS provided seamless team integration all while facilitating with relevant and charismatic enthusiasm to keep stakeholders engaged on a multi-platform stage (in-person, virtual, and hybrid).”

Daniel Gonzales, Project Manager, Federal Business at Black & Veatch